Multiple ways you can help support Encore


Season Tickets $60 for 5 shows

Season Ticket purchases are a great value to our audience members and here are a few reasons why:

  1. It saves you time
  2. You always know when the next show is
  3. You will never miss a great show
  4. And you get 5 tickets for the price of 3!



Because Encore is a non-profit, we really count on your support through donations. We use your donations to help fund the good we do in the community and they allow us the ability to continue our mission and provide you with top tier entertainment. Here are two ways you can help us with donations.

  1. A one time donation
  2. Monthly giving


Donate while you SHOP!

You can shop at many local businesses and restaurants and a portion of your already discounted purchase will go to Encore.  Or you can shop online through Amazon Smile, and Amazon will donate a portion of your sale to Encore as well.  Click either button to find out more.


Program Adverts

Prior to each show, Encore prints up programs that are handed to each of our audience guests. Because Encore reaches such a wide demographic, its a perfect match for promoting your business. Here are some options to consider (prices are current as of 11/2/2015 and reflect placement in the 2 remaining program books):

Full Page Color – Back Cover = $400
4-15/16” X 7-1/2”

Full Page Color – Inside Cover = $325
4-15/16” X 7-1/2”

Full Page  – Interior = $275
4-15/16” X 7-1/2”

½ Page – Interior = $200
4-5/8” X 3-1/2”

¼ Page – Interior = $150
2-1/4” X 3-1/2”

Business Card – Interior = $85
1-15/16” X 2-7/16”



Each Encore performance is a dynamic performance and having your sponsorship behind that show is a great way to propel your brand. Sponsorships come with full signage and special announcements during that nights entertainment. Here are some sponsorship options:

  • $5,000 : Entire Season (Premier Season Sponsor)
  • $2,500 : Single Show Sponsor
  • There are also opportunities to sponsor special events

With your sponsorship you also will receive other perk.  Contact us for more information or to become a sponsor.


Planned Giving

If your legacy is aligned with our long-term goal of building deep emotional connections to great choral music, we would ask that you talk to us about ways we can work together to accomplish that mission.